E-911 Testing

E-911 Testing

E-911 Testing

Do you test your E911 solution regularly? Periodic testing will improve reliability, enable faster, more effective emergency response, and help your organization avoid penalties for non-compliance. Whether from your main campus, branch office, or home, testing provides assurance that 911 calls from your system are being routed to the appropriate public safety answering point (PSAP), and emergency responders have accurate address information for all your endpoints.

When endpoints are initially provisioned, E911 testing should be performed to verify routing and connectivity and ensure correct location information is being provided to the emergency dispatcher. Additionally, your E911 system should be thoroughly tested after significant changes or upgrades to your communication systems.

After initial testing, a representative sample of endpoints should be tested regularly to ensure changes or modifications to your communication system or endpoints do not affect the reliability and accuracy of location information being sent to emergency services. Regular testing should be included in your company-wide disaster preparedness planning and conducted as often as emergency evacuation drills.

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