Live Streaming & Video Monetization

Live Streaming & Video Monetization

Live Streaming & Video Monetization

Simulcasting on live streaming platforms amplifies the engagement of the live streaming content by reaching your audience’s favorite platforms. With VPlayed’s Multi Simulcast streaming, reaching millions of viewers is made possible on RTMP-enabled platforms such as Facebook Live, YouTube Live, Twitch and many more platforms. Live Linear, Webcasting, Simulcasting, Live to VOD, Interactive, Streaming, Mobile Broadcasting.

Versatile Video Monetization Models Enjoy a Result-driven Video Monetization Package, SVOD, AVOD, PPV, SSAI, Third Party Ad Integrations.

Additional Services

Embedded Live Streaming

AdaptiveBitrate Streaming

Content Delivery Network

Video Scheduling

Live Video Playback

Social Media Integration

Why Brands Choose NexGen For Live Streaming & Video Monetization

Buffer-free Streaming

Stream to a live audience seamlessly over any bandwidth with VPlayed. Ensure an enjoyable streaming experience with state-of-the-art technology.

Reach A Variety Of Platforms

Multiply your viewership by streaming directly to your subscribers over social media platforms with VPlayed’s advanced integration capabilities.

Grow Revenue With Live Video

Be it pre-event streaming or product launches, create a customised revenue model to earn from every view of videos on your live streaming software.

Countdown for a Buzz

Build a buzz for the next live event among your audience. Motivate potential subscribers to look forward to watching videos live on your streaming services.

Protect Video Uploads

Ensure end-to-end security for your live streaming software with VPlayed’s security technologies whether you host it on a cloud or on-premise server as per content requirements.

Record Streams On-the-Go

Record live videos on your streaming platform without transcoding and save storage space. Maintain control and rights over the content while you stream with VPlayed.


Yes, NexGen supports ad insertion services on Connected TV platforms. In fact, in situations where early implementation of HLS-based Connected TV platforms do not support time-based discontinuity (TBD) on streams, it’s challenging for most SSAI systems to insert ads. NexGen’s managed service has a unique re-timestamping workflow for ad-serving, which automatically makes the stream a time-continuous event during ad insertions. This enables the platform to provide a uniform experience across all edge devices including Connected TV platforms.
No, NexGen supports extensive ad network configurations dynamically and doesn’t require separate ad servers to enable programmatic advertising.

There are two versions for Google DFP. DFP Small Business and DFP Premium.

DFP small business is free for everyone but has a limited feature set. For example, it can support only in-house ad sales and cannot connect with third-party ad networks and it cannot connect with AdX as well.

DFP Premium is an extensive campaign management system for tier-one customers. In our case, if the customer wants to use in-house ad sales, then they can use DFP small business and set a waterfall mechanism in THUNDERSTORM. But most of the customers prefer to control ad decisioning on their own and hence, they use DFP that provide a lot more flexibility and transparency on reporting.

As soon as the ad is played for the user, a beacon is fired and it gets registered in the ad network system counting as an impression. We also do quartile reporting. That means, we fire beacons for start, 25%, 50%, 75%, and 100% complete. We also check creative view and viewability to make sure ad networks register all types of beacons they need.

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